barfpop asked: ok my time to ask:) whats your fave movie?

omg thanks, no one ever ask me shit lol i love classics like the godfather and gone with the wind but also love sofia coppolas’s movies!!

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#shoes  #heels  #fashion  #glam  #glamour  #style  

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#shoes  #heels  #fashion  #glam  #glamour  #style  

Anonymous asked: Wow, how did you gain weight? :)

I didn’t?

cupcakekimmie asked: what is your theme name

Have no clue, sorry!

Anonymous asked: hey i LOVEEEE your blog ;) are this pictures yours???!

Some yes, some no..

Anonymous asked: u're so gorgeous, how old r u ?

Stop making fun of me!! lol  I’m 18.

reyreyzs asked: your gorgeous! <3

Thank u <3 you guys are being so nice!!